About Us

A bit about me.

My name is Fiona and for 2 years i have been working to make Norry Custom Designs a reality. Being a carer  to my sons who have autism for the last 10 years has meant that my life has been on hold and now that my children are a bit older and have stable routines i have been able to make my dream come true. 

A bit about Norry Custom Designs

Norry Custom Designs will provide everything from embroidered work wear and clothing to decorative accessories and custom designed t-shirts. A recent addition means that Norry Custom Designs can provide custom designed mugs and plates as well as a lot of other gift ware. I have tried to source responsibly where i can putting effort into making sure my dyes are eco friendly and sourcing recyclable or compostable packaging and labels where possible. I aim to save as many scraps as I can and hope to cut down on the waste that is usually associated with the embroidery trade. I aim to be flexible and will consider any custom orders that you may have providing I am able to complete them.